Here are some of my code things. There are probably more buried in my GitHub.


Twitter Bots - #NaBoMaMo 2016

  • dirtyunix_bot

    A bot combining command-line utils in ways that sound as dirty as possible.

    Python 3.6

  • isthisska_bot

    A bot pulling random album art from MusicBrainz and asking if it's ska.

    Python 3.6

  • randweather_bot

    A bot describing the weather in a random city. Pulls from Open Weather Map and a manually-created zip code list.

    Python 3.6

  • weatherlies_bot

    A bot lying about the weather in a random city. Pulls from same sources as randweather_bot.

    Python 3.6

  • fantasymetro_bot

    A bot generating plausible but imaginary metro systems for cities. Needs a lot of manual work to generate for a given city, unfortunately.

    Python 3.6

  • not5oclock_bot

    A bot that tells you a time zone where it isn't Happy Hour.

    Bash, Python 3.6

  • haskell_bot

    A bot making jokes about functional programming and Haskell.


  • goties_bot

    A bot creating Game of the Year lists for various years. Language: Python

    Python 3.6

Twitter Bots - #NaBoMaMo 2017

  • botskeleton

    Skeleton of a Twitter/Mastodon bot, to make making the rest of these bots easier and more repeatable.

    Python 3.6

  • nonogram_bot

    Creates nonogram (also known as picross) puzzles every six hours.

    Python 3.6

  • treegen_bot

    Draws trees of various colors and shapes every hour.

    Python 3.6

  • knowsska_bot

    Answers isthisska_bot periodically.

    Python 3.6


  • puckfetcher

    A simple command-line podcast downloader. Should work on Linux and OSX, Windows support eventual.

    Python 3.6

  • config

    Dotfiles I use.



    Source code for this very website.


  • JustSudoku

    Haskell command-line-only Sudoku app. No puzzle generation yet.


  • Nonogram Web

    Web counterpart to nonogram_bot. Displays solutions to its puzzles.